Best Big & Tall Leather Chairs Under $300

10 Best Big & Tall Leather Chairs Under $300 In 2023

If you’re a bigger or taller person and would like to buy an office or home chair, you’ll love this collection of reviews, because in this guide we’ll show you a variety of leather office chairs that match big and tall and will help you choose the best one in the Amazon.

Finding the best big and tall leather chair is not a time-consuming and straightforward process, especially for overweight people who want heavy-duty office chairs that are able to offer the backer they require, but after extensive research, we’ve narrowed the best chairs here.

Choosing a cheap office or computer chair is not a typical option, as it can cause various health issues and at the same time, affect your productivity, so we reviewed and rated the Best Big & Tall Leather Chairs Under $300 in 2023.

10 Best Big & Tall Leather Chairs Under $300

#10 Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Chair

Designed to suit a big and tall body style with a spacious full bench and providing bigger and wider chairs, this office PU leather chair can hold 400 lbs and is constructed of smooth black leather for a modern and distinctive appearance.

The thick wadding provides more convenience, and the mid-back design gives backing for the upper area. These chairs make it simple to set the amount of force required to recline based on the desired elevation with the pneumatic adjustment lever.

The waterfall front edge eliminates stress from the legs and improves blood circulation. These chairs can swivel 360 degrees; besides, the chrome base appends a sleek appearance, while the armrests remove pressure on the neck and shoulders.

Flash Furniture Big & Tall 400 lb. chair features

  • Computers chair is a smart addition to any office
  • The middle back design provides support for the Lumbar
  • Waterfall seats to promote healthy blood flow
  • Chrome base
  • Can withstand up to 400 lbs
  • A big and tall office chairs, with no excess bulk
  • Integrated Lumbar backing
  • LeatherSoft and polyurethane for softness and durability
  • 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • The arms move up and down
  • The reclining feature is lockable at the neutral position
  • Easy to lean to the desired angle
  • Rolling in this chair across a hardwood floor is a pleasure
  • There is a tilting tension control, and a tilts lock bar
  • The cushioning is silky
  • The faux leather feels good


  • The arms may not fit underneath your table
  • The casters are composed of plastic (but thicker)

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#9 Flash Furniture High Back Brown Leather Executive Chair

Looking for more softness and cushioning? the Flash Furniture chairs are your best selection. This big and tall leather chair has a built-in headrest that props your head and a high back style to reduce rear pressure and limit long-term stress.

This modern office chair features a pneumatic altitude adjustment mechanism, beautiful leather upholstery, a backrest and arm, a swivel function that allows the chairs to swivel in all directions, and an ergonomic design for an unparalleled seating experiment.

The titanium nylon base with black covers restrains feet from slipping while lying down on the chair. These big and tall chairs are built to provide lumbar backing by adhering to the curves of your body; it is an elegant office leather chair.

Flash Furniture Leather Executive Chair features

  • Tilts locking height mechanism
  • Waterfall seats promote healthy blood flow
  • Enduring 5-star silver nylon base with dual wheels
  • Contemporary office chairs
  • Contour seat and backrest
  • Can withstand up to 250 lbs
  • Quilted arms
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Silver filled nylon ring arm 9″ H


  • Easy to put together
  • Seems well built
  • All the screws loosen up readily
  • The tilting control works fine
  • Held up extremely well
  • The leather is very downy


  • Very little stuffing
  • Some customers say it hurts to sit on it

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#8 Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Leather Chair

Designed to provide you with unprecedented convenience. The big and tall executive office chair from Serta is upholstery in supple bonded leather, and contrasting stitching, and comes with a sturdy nylon base and enduring wheel casters for easy mobility.

Adjust your big and tall leather chairs to suit your tall and enjoy the rest of the day with the built-in AIR lumbar area, which can bend and interact with your body, maintain a positive and neutral position of the spine and promote a healthy posture while working.

This big and tall leather office chair features elegant quilted arms for precise positioning of the arm, backrest, and ergo layered pillows. It is manufactured of eco-friendly components and can withstand up to 350 lb. So, you can stay relaxed and productive at any time.

Serta Big & Tall Office Leather Executive Chair features

  • Pneumatic lift with amenable tension
  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA standards
  • Ergonomic elevation and tilt adjustment
  • Environmentally friendly bonded leather
  • A single-coil in the bench replaces the weighing to maximize your working convenience throughout the day
  • Custom prop for the lower rear
  • Fine upholstered arm pads on an elegantly sculpted arm
  • Alterable arm position


  • Comfy and well built
  • The memory foam is nice
  • You can work from it without getting that confined feeling
  • Has a good rear support
  • Looks and feels great
  • The base of the seats is very comfortable
  • Is the best for home office and relaxation


  • A little low from the ground
  • The sits too low at its lowest

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#7 Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 500 lb. Chair

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 500 lb. Chair

When you’re a little longer than average, you realize that the seating in traditional chairs is frustrating, so with Flash Furniture Big & Tall Chairs, you’ll never feel uncomfortable because this robust office chair has 500 lbs. Weight capacity is greater than most chairs.

The flip-up arms of this leather chair provide an additional area to complete some tasks with ease. This chair comes with a well-ventilated mesh to grant a comfortable user experience and increases your productivity at work.

Besides, the big and tall leather chairs have a vast back and a wider pad than regular office chairs on the Amazon market, with a 4-inch thick cushion and high back design, offering ultimate relief for users, no matter how tall they are.

Flash Furniture Big & Tall 500 lb. Chair features

  • permanent metal and plastic construction
  • The tension adjustment knob adjusts the reverse tilts resistance
  • 22.5-inch with 12.7 cm cushioning
  • Dual wheels
  • Black mesh leather
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Adjustable lumbar closure based on the dial helps relieve back issues
  • Pneumatic adjustment altitude


  • Durability seems extremely raised overall
  • The arms lift entirely up and out of the way
  • You can sit in this thing for hours
  • Built solid as a rock. No creak, no strange sounds, no peculiar movements in it
  • Super thick cushion
  • Slips together like it is nothing
  • You can fold up the arms and tuck the chair to maximize space


  • Has no armrest uprights to squeeze your thighs
  • Very tall when the bench is raised, so you have to use it at its lowest setting

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#6 Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 500 lb. Chair

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 500 lb. Chair

If you are searching for tall chairs, the Flash Furniture Big & Tall Chair will be best for you. These chairs are built to suit bigger and longer body types, and which able to carry up to 500 lb, indicating that their structure is strong enough for prolonged-term use.

Furthermore, the front part of the pillow is folded under the waterfall pattern to avoid prolonged stress and prevent a decrease in blood circulation in the legs. The headrest will help your neck relax as you return, it will be safe and comfortable for all-day use.

This office chair has a phenomenal built-in lumbar backing, and an integrated pneumatic adjustment lever that allows you to set the seating elevation to your best lay. The tilting lock mechanism provides comfortable rolling movements. This gives it a super stylish aspect.

Flash Furniture Big & Tall 500 lb. Chair features

  • Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Embellished mesh trim
  • Ratchet Headrest (Height Adjustable)
  • 6″ thick padding on for relief
  • Backrest and contour
  • 22 inches wide x 51 cm deep
  • Pick from 3 colors: black, brown, and taupe
  • The waterfall bench reduces pressure on the legs


  • Very sturdy metal frame
  • Outstanding construction
  • Aesthetically pleasant
  • Tension control for flexible rest
  • Tall-legged guys will be happy with this chair
  • Plenty of spacious and sturdy
  • Feels sturdy as a rock no matter how hard I sit on it


  • A little bit of stuffing on the front
  • The rear angle is a bit constrained

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#5 AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Desk Chair

This sturdy big and tall executive chair can accommodate big people up to 500 pounds. Its design is permanent and convenient for all sizes. Five dual wheels allow you to move more efficiently, giving you unrestricted freedom of movement.

The big and tall leather chair provides professional quality and unique value, and it has wadding all over the body. The design of the chair enables you to swivel 360 degrees; you can readily adjust the position of the chair using an alterable elevation mechanism.

This office leather chair features cushioned armrests, ergonomic stuffing for convenience on the wrists and hands, and has a wider quilted chair than most normal office chairs. And easy to clean dirt and spills of bonded leather.

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Office Chair features

  • an Executive design with full-body propping
  • You can customize your position with a height-adjustable mechanism
  • The five-point metal base gives stability to the structure
  • Upholstered in a bonded leather substance
  • Hold capacity of up to 500 pounds
  • Made from commercial class parts
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Standard lever for fixing the altitude


  • Every component is heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Great propping
  • With this chair, you can work for extended hours without any issues
  • Super comfy and be easy to install
  • Constructed of great leather fabric
  • The chair is very spacious
  • Wheels roll nicely on the vinyl floor
  • The bench room and elevation is excellent for a longer person


  • The instructions could be more clear

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#4 Serta Back Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Serta Back Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

The Serta Executive Office Chair comes with AST (Active Seat Technology), which provides continuous movement and backing by moving chairs and lumbar with you on the go. It also repeats the pelvic tilting operation, which may be better to reduce discomfort when sitting.

Big and tall leather chair with quilted arms for hand, and forearm relief, and wrist and deep body cushions give great relaxation in the back and neck; besides, this chair has an airlift tension and locking characteristic.

Moreover, the pneumatic altitude adjustment allows you to adjust the chair according to your height, too, the chair has bland upholstery in eco-friendly black bonded leather, with contrast stitching, and has a sturdy 5-star base. This chair eliminates the stress of prolonged working days.

Serta Back Executive Office Chair features

  • Constructed from bonded leather
  • Fixed arm for rest
  • Hand-carved silver painted arms with padded armrests
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • The dual performance wheel cover prevents scratches on the floor
  • Flexible lock tension
  • Can safely carry users up to 250 pounds


  • So comfy and fits your back very well
  • Excellent quality substances
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maintains constant propping on your back
  • Seems great and is very comfortable
  • Great lumbar backing
  • Very ergonomic for someone with back agony


  • The back cushion is too full
  • The base pad isn’t very huge though

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#3 Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Executive Office Chair

Whether you are big or tall and looking for the best leather office chair, Serta Executive Office Chair will be your best choice with a layer of memory foaming, which is very innovative in multilayer chair design and affords plenty of lying space and commercial-class ingredients.

This extra spacious, big, and tall leather chair holds up to 400 pounds, making it a typical office chair for heavy people, and a high headrest allows you to give the proper backing for your neck, including a ComfortCoils to achieve supreme convenience.

This stylish leather chair has a super main foam, a unique pocket, and a 5-layer cushioning system that wraps, and has an ergonomic adjustment control so you can stay productive and away from the pain that attends to impact those who have to sit directly in the office for hours.

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair features

  • Provides pressure-relieving satisfaction and optimized support
  • GFX foam layer for personalized backing
  • This ergonomic office chair has a raised headrest to prop your neck
  • Ergonomic seat-side control for quick and easy positioning
  • There is a spacious, roomy area
  • Thick plywood construction for enduring durability
  • A great addition to your executive decor
  • The weight holds 400 lbs.
  • Finished with bonded leather, highlighting the success of the driver style


  • There are two control mechanisms for the chair
  • The seats are silky
  • The lumbar adjustment options are very nice
  • The substance feels pretty sturdy
  • The wheels work well
  • and Seems to be solidly constructed


  • The warranty information seems a little sketchy
  • There is a little bit of loss in holding power after a much use

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#2 Serta Executive Big and Tall Leather Office Chair

The Serta leather office chair is one of the best chairs in the Amazon shop; it is ideal for someone who is oversized, by investing in this office chair, you can be sure that you will get the highest comfort, the highest quality materials, and sturdy design structure.

Whether you are using this chair for gaming or work, it will give you a quiet staying experiment, this chair is refreshing with its biscuit color and can reach 350 pounds. You can too be enjoying the high-quality bamboo wood quilted armrest.

The big and tall chair has adjustable lumbar propping, unlimited locking adjustment, and an ergonomic tilt mechanism, including deeply layered pillows for a distinct seating experiment, this chair will be with no doubt the best for you.

 Serta Big and Tall Leather Chair Features

  • Cushioned chair made of bonded leather, easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Ultra-durable, large, and high-commercial-grade components
  • 350 lb. weight capacity
  • Fixed armrests for supporting your forearms
  • The pneumatic gas lift adjusts the chair elevation by gently pressing the lever
  • Available in five colors
  • The high back design provides adequate support for the neck and head
  • Supple and soft eco-friendly leather


  • Very reliable company
  • Perfectly suitable for tall and heavy-duty people
  • The woodwork and finish are perfect
  • Broader base and a larger weight-carrying capacity
  • The leather is very helpful.
  • Heavy-duty wooden fancy chair
  • The seat foam is firm
  • Can be set based on the requirements of the customer


  • Might be slightly expensive for some shoppers
  • The leather can peel off quickly

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#1 Boss Office Products Heavy Double Plush Leather Chair

Boss Office Products Heavy Double Plush Leather Chair

Now let’s finish this review list with the best big and tall chairs in this guide, the Boss Office Products B991-GY. This leather chair grants your office or workspace a luxurious look, and the wadding material assures you get the comfortability you need.

This office chair has an alterable curved shape that helps your spine sit in the right position for a prolonged time. The tilting mechanism allows this chair to be readily tilted; the chair can carry a maximum of 350 lbs.

Furthermore, these office leather chairs have ergonomic settings that enable you to customize the chair at the best angle as well as a built-in pneumatic lift. Also, there are casters at the bottom of the chair, providing the wanted movement on the floor.

Boss Office Products Leather Office Chair Features

  • Pneumatic adjustment of the lifting chair
  • Upright locking position
  • Clawfoot, including moving wheels
  • Weight capacity of up to 350 lb.
  • 6-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • 3-inch dual wheel
  • Tilting Tension Control
  • Gas Lift Adjuster Knob
  • Fixed armrests for supporting your forearms


  • Stylish black body
  • The cushion is very thick
  • The recline works great
  • Fine rolling casters
  • The chair will force you to sit in an excellent position
  • Tilting mechanism
  • Spine supporting back
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Enduring chair


  • It is slightly tricky to assemble

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Final Words

Summing it all up, when buying the best office chair, there are things to consider, such as the backing that the chair can afford because choosing the wrong chair can bring inconvenience and body suffering due to prolonged sitting times in poor conditions.

Overall, all these models are typical of what you want; these office chairs are the 10 Best Big & Tall Leather Chairs Under $300.

I wish that my reviews have assisted you to pick a “big and tall” office chair to meet your requirements.

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