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What Are the Differences Between Real Leather Vs Faux Leather?

Articles made of leather are a class apart and one of the most prized and sought-after textiles.

If you are planning to buy a leather furniture product with a unique combination of style, strength, and durability, you have to be careful because chairs look like leather doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

There are also leatherette products that are made only in part with Real Leather but are known (branded) as “made of Real leather” or ”made with authentic leather.”

So, how you may know the difference between faux leather and real leather? That’s what we will learn in this piece of content.

Real Leather Vs Faux Leather

Pros and Cons

First, as a comparison, we can easily find out the differences between genuine and faux leather. There are several ways and methods for spotting the difference. All you need to do is to pay attention to some essential factors! to differentiate of them

As most of us know, Real Leather is made from animal skin like pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle materials; There are many different types of real leather, including different grains.

What you need to understand is that genuine leather product are more prone to surface scratches and quickly absorb the stain.

However, this is not the case with faux leather; faux leather is a manmade fabric that gets treated with wax it is designed to resemble the appearance and texture of the real thing dye as well as polyurethane for texture and color.

The differences between real and faux leather are usually straightforward to spot.

You can often determine whether a leather product is real or fake simply by smelling it. Original leather has a distinct, though it is humanmade and offers you the same look and feels but at an extremely expensive cost.

The important difference between real and faux fur, the back of genuine leather is rough; real leather costs more as compared to faux leather items, the synthetic leather is smooth, is also lighter, and Can be dyed any color.

The affordability of faux leather is an example of a false economy. If you feel the back of the leather, it is easy to tell the difference between real leather and faux leather.

Faux leather has come a long way from its early beginnings. It’s risen to the challenge and made a reputation for itself as a worthwhile alternative to the real thing.

Also, when you touch faux leather, it gives you a feel of plastic and is extra smooth. It also stretches more than genuine leather.

Real leather might have scratches, creases, and wrinkles; this is a good thing! Note that, as manufacturers get more skilled, their designs are better at simulating real leather.

That makes buying online more complicated to do, where you only have a picture.

Look at the pores; leather is a porous material with thousands of individual holes; Faux leather has a consistent pattern of pores, Check the surface grain.

The little “pebbles” and pores for imperfections and uniqueness that genuine signal leather Many faux leather products attempt to mimic this characteristic but ultimately come up short in achieving the same look genuine leather has an inconsistent pattern of pores.

Also, when you touch faux leather, it gives you a feel of plastic and is extra smooth. It also stretches more than genuine leather.

So next time you go out to choose between leather products, keep all these certain factors in mind and make sure you check them.


So, back to our simple question of synthetic Leather vs. Leather. If you are looking for a soft quality product that will stand the test of time leather chairs are the right choice.

Although I think they both have their advantages. When synthetic PU leather looks and feels good.

The strength and versatility of a real leather fashion chair will never go out of a chair and will provide your wardrobe with a durable classic that will be useful for several years.

They are different enough to stand out and become part of the overall identity of others, chairs for long-term projects; we found genuine leather is a better choice of Artificial leather can be a cheaper alternative.

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