Top Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Footrests

10 Top Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Footrests in 2023

Are you looking for the best comfortable reclining office chair with a footrest? Who keeps you in the ultimate tilting position and gives your back full comfort without any pain?

Or do you want to adjust the reclining office chair mechanism back and forth? Absolutely! You’re in the right place!

The best reclining office chairs always give you the opportunity to complete your task in a comfortable situation; moreover, these chairs as well afford a plentiful area for tilting and stretching with the best reclining support that prevents the user from stiffness.

However, here is a list of the Top Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Footrests, which will undoubtedly help you perform the right choice, so be sure to read the reviews below to buy the best recliner chair for your office on the Amazon market.

Top Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair With Footrests

#10 Flash Furniture Black Fabric Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair

The Reclining Office Chair is an adjustable chair that can be adjusted according to your desired altitude using an adjustment lever and relaxes your head comfortably while working due to its soft, high-class leather.

The beautiful black upholstery combines with any office or home decor so that you can stay convenient as the headrest supplies you with exceptional support; besides, the chairs are designed to facilitate the best blood flow through the waterfall seat edge for optimal convenience.

Furthermore, the back area has a padded armrest that permits you to sit comfortably in the chair all day; also, the inner-coil spring pad lets you move the desk and have full relaxation without getting up.

Benefits of getting a Flash furniture ergonomic chair

  • Promotes optimal blood circulation
  • Let you adjust the chair to the desired height with the pneumatic control lever
  • You have full control of the reclining back paddle
  • Improved sitting experience with a dual paddle control mechanism
  • Inner-coil spring pad makes the chair cozy for you
  • It can quickly move from sitting to the lying status
  • Your favorite chair comfort situation can be locked
  • Slides out and it pops up with these chairs
  • You can recline it wherever you want and lock it in place


  • Built-in plush headrest
  • Reclines well
  • Nice looking fabric
  • Very sturdy
  • Super easy to set up
  • Rolls fine on hardwood


  • Arms get loose easily with the use
  • Reclining office chair doesn’t roll well on carpet

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#9 Homelegance Swivel Reclining with Ottoman Leather Chair

Homelegance Swivel Reclining with Ottoman Leather Chair

Homelegance Reclining Chair is a very luxurious reclining desk chair with a footrest, that comes with an addition described as an ottoman, which can be used as a footrest if desired.

The office chair will ensure that your office terms are short and give your workspace a modern look.

Thanks to its dark brown bonded leather upholstery and faux leather, you will be sure to make that the chair is straightforward to clean; in addition, you can sit in this chair for a prolonged time without getting stiffer with the padded cushion feature.

By moving the seat and backrest, the underframe and armrests are fixed in position, and with a 360-degree, you can enjoy a good range of movement when using this office chair. There is no doubt that this office chair adds enthusiasm to every desk of power, be it a conference room or a study.

Benefits of getting the Homelegance Reclining Chair

  • The knob-adjusted reclining mechanism helps you lean back the chair completely
  • It has Greater comfort with the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees
  • You will be convenient as the chair has button-tufted cushions with back arms
  • The chair will furnish you with relief for your back while you work
  • Enables you to hold the chair in a reclining posture
  • The padded filling is supportive and wraps you from head to legs


  • Reduces backaches
  • Lasts an extended time
  • Nice firm cushions
  • The chairs slip into their base
  • Perfect for lounging and watching movies
  • Excellent for a big person
  • Separate footrest


  • One reviewer complained that is too low
  • The chair is firm but very comfy

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#8 Happybuy Executive Swivel Office Chair with Footrest PU Leather

Made of faux leather, Happybuy Executive Chair is a magnificent choice for both office and home, as every part of the chair can be set to your needs. The office chair can be locked at any angle, giving you the best relaxation.

One of the best points about this recliner office chair that is it has all characteristics of comfort, durability, and elegance.

No matter what you are going to do, whether you meet customers, play games, or work on the computer, you’ll get the best level of comfort.

This office chair is ideal for laying back and taking a break after hard work thanks due to the flexible armrests; you can likewise recline 90° to 180° and rotate for 360 degrees. The chair is easy to move, thanks to the double casters that give you a real car experience.

Benefits of getting the Happybuy executive chair

  • You can move it easily on the ground with double wheels
  • Change the chair to a place more suited to your needs, if you feel uncomfortable in your situation
  • Furnishes you full control over the elevation to adjust it
  • You can move on your desk without having to get up
  • Enables you to configure multiple functions such as the reclining function and chair lock
  • You can take out the attached footrest and tilts your chair back


  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Easily rolls and quietly
  • Easy to put together
  • The recline stand is great
  • More durable for a big guy


  • Not very sturdy
  • Does not include instructions

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#7 Duramont Reclining Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Duramont Reclining Office Chair With Lumbar Support

The Duramont Reclining Computer Chair is carefully designed and manufactured with high-class materials to withstand heavy tasks and extended days.

These types of chairs are the best products for someone that is experiencing back pain and make them convenient.

Unlike several office chairs, the shape of this ergonomic reclining chair is improved for comfort, and designed to prop the entire back, meaning that the waterfall seat edge reduces thigh tension and improves blood circulation.

The critical thing to mention is the presence of PU leather to make things smoother for individuals; furthermore, this office reclining chair has stability and rigidity with a nylon base and four wheels, making it effortless to hold up to 250 pounds.

Benefits of getting the Duramont Reclining Chair

  • Freedom to change of tilting state during work or nap
  • Provides an adjustable seating experience
  • Your back can feel very comfortable even after a lengthy session
  • Full backing for kicking and napping for a while
  • Cushioning the neck with a protruding neck area
  • If you are not pleased, you will be 100% refunded


  • Supportive footrest
  • Durable. cushions are comfortable
  • Flexible reclining angle
  • Made using a high-quality leather cover
  • Extremely comfy when you sit for hours
  • Easy to operate flip-out footrest


  • Manual footrest
  • Armrests are not adjustable

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#6 Giantex Swivel Recliner Chair w/Ottoman PU Leather Chair

The Giantex recliner PU leather chair comes with a nice backrest and headrest to uphold your legs; the chair additionally has a thick sponge pad around the neck to greatly reduce pressure, this chair also has an adjustable option.

Made from premium materials to provide extra safety and increased durability to the system. These office chairs have an ottoman that ensures you have an extra ottoman to prop your legs when you want to relax, giving you a comfortable user experience.

The office chair offers a top balance of elegance and convenience for those who love it, so whether you need an office chair for the home, or if you want an office chair that will fit your office at work, this chair is a magnificent choice for either purpose.

The benefits of getting the Giantex office chair recliner

  • This chair gives an additional level of comfort in the office without spending a lot of money
  • Made of easy-to-clean faux leather
  • If you are looking for durability, this chair is long-lasting
  • It will give you complete protection
  • The ottoman is the best for your feet
  • Enhance your décor looks with a black finish chair
  • Fixed posture helps keep your desk ergonomics constant


  • Deliver with an extra ottoman
  • Comes with a separate ottoman for supreme relaxation
  • Looks are deceiving
  • Solid structure
  • Very comfy
  • Knob Adjusting Recliner
  • Fits perfectly in limited space


  • Available only in two colors

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#5 Merax Portland Technical Leather Big & Tall Recliner Chair

The Merax big & tall recliner chair is one of the best office chairs for any modern office or home, offering you the best experiments in the office. This leather chair includes an ergonomic pillow that affords a snug and suitable fit.

With this fully reclining office chair, you can easily raise or fall and adjust the height without the need for any additional customization; Besides, the base is designed for firm support, and made of robust metal, it will successfully withstand any body weight.

This office chair is ideal when you want to work for several terms straight, as the material can stand for extended periods, while the smooth leather leaves your body to breathe. You can stay assured that this chair is durable and comfortable.

The benefits of getting the Merax recliner chair

  • The filling adapts to your corpus to relieve muscle tension for lengthy days
  • These chairs allow you to work efficiently or even nap conveniently
  • You can adjust your leg comfort according to your wishes.
  • Helps lower back and improve back posture
  • The office chair envelops you from head to leg
  • The chair can recline up to 170 degrees


  • Convenient office chairs
  • Recline works
  • Back-tilt styling
  • This chair is firm
  • Elegant appearance
  • Very solid and sturdy


  • The recline only drops the back
  • The chair does not rise as high as other chairs

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#4 KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Reclining Chair

The KILLABEE chair features a beautiful swing mechanism and 2D armrests for superior prop and giving exceptional comfort, as well as its retractable padded footrest allows you to adjust the office chair to your ergonomic requirements.

Whatever way you sit down, once you settle, the foam adapts to your body for the backing. It further has a decent size and can hold up to 350 lb. And with filled memory foam, these chairs provide the necessary relief and firmness to your core parts.

Whether you’re working, studying, or gaming, this reclining chair certainly takes your experience to the next level and offers meaningful safety and stability. Additionally, this office chair contains a built-in massager to relieve spine distress and ache.

The Benefits of getting the killable reclining chair

  • It provides a cushioned massage to relieve stress
  • The chair empowers you to find the best and most comfortable seat situation
  • The backrest supports the neck and spine so you can avoid stiffness and ache to
  • Take a break during a tall working day with a pull-out footrest feature
  • Permits you to adjust its armrest and backpressure with an adjustable part
  • It can be locked in place with its lock mechanism


  • USB electric massager
  • Neck backing
  • The cover material feels great and is durable
  • Quilted footrest
  • Pretty solid for the most part
  • High-quality leather for cover


  • The side handles make a little weird colicky sound
  • Footrest seems a bit on the flimsy side

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#3 Hbada Reclining Office Adjustable High Back Ergonomic Chair

The Hbada reclining office chair is the best from an ergonomic viewpoint, as it is a fantastic design; the chairs can be locked at any angle between 90 and 155°, thanks to seven levels of altitude alteration at 30° spin function.

This reclining chair comes with creative and ergonomic features that are only dedicated to the most expensive chairs, such as nonslip smooth-rolling wheels, supportive backrest, and breathable mesh to keep cool even in hot conditions.

With this office chair, you can unwind your legs and feet while working with a retractable footrest, and has a high back that comes with a 4-point propping for a firm structure. In addition, the backrest with tilt locks reclines to 155° so you can get a nap or rest.

The Benefits of getting a Hbada ergonomic reclining office chair

  • You can repose your hands with a parallel armrest
  • It can accommodate heavy people with a capacity of 330 lb.
  • Can convert the chair into a first-class cabin seat with an impressive tilting range of 90—150°
  • Reduces low back soreness with an adjustable lumbar propping
  • Moving one chair from the office to another is such a simple thing with a kinematic tilt mechanism
  • The armrests allow you to work comfortably in your office


  • Breathable mesh back
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Sturdy office chair with footrest
  • Prevent lower backache
  • Easy to rotate
  • Full ergonomic design


  • Footrest does not extend out far enough
  • Uncushioned headrest

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#2 Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner High-Back Desk Chair

The recliner office chair is a stunning chair that provides the best comfort even after 8 hours of sitting and makes you feel calm and rested during long meetings, while the seat pad affords you appropriate backing.

This recliner office chair, likewise made of sturdy material and steel frame for durability, can withstand up to 300 lbs and fits most types of sizes, without a doubt, this chair is undoubtedly one of the best on the market today.

For an ergonomic and comfortable sitting status, it has a backrest that can be reclined with synchro-tilt and increase the angle between the thighs and your trunk; this should completely relieve soreness and stress in the back. This chair affords comfort for your whole body.

The Benefits of getting Hbada Ergonomic office chair

  • Relieves pressure on your legs with waterfall seat cushions
  • Built-in lumbar backing and headrest protect your neck and waist
  • Breathable mesh keeps you feel comfortable during long sessions
  • This chair moves according to your state to prop your spine
  • Multiple locks, height and lock settings for excellent adjustability
  • You have four color options to choose from


  • Remarkable reclining system
  • Safe and sturdy structure
  • Comfortable back
  • Luxurious design
  • Convenient backrest and arms
  • 5-star silenced wheelbase


  • The seat pillow is not padded well
  • The handle is a bit low

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#1 Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner Chair

Finally, we finish this guide with the best office recliner chair in this review list, the Flash Furniture recliner chair. This multi-purpose chair can be used for any home or office purposes; it is equipped with a lovely exposed wooden frame and thick quilted arms.

One of the best things we like about this reclining office chair is that you can adjust numerous functions as the base rotates 360°.

As well the headrest is beautiful and provides a better way to enjoy games, work, and even read books on a winter night.

The backrest is carefully shaped to relieve back sorrow and prop your spine fitly, as it is also frequently easier to rotate with a steadier circular base compared to a five-pointed base. The chair comes with a footrest for ultimate relaxation.

The Benefits of Getting the contemporary recliner chair

  • Tilts characteristic allows you to lean the seat at any corner you need
  • Durable leather upholstery for easy cleaning and regular care
  • Beautiful headrest for plenty of back care
  • Separate ottoman addition fit your living room
  • You can move around your office easily
  • You can comfortably rest your forearm while typing


  • Effortless swiveling
  • Durable materials
  • A rotating base and more stable ottoman
  • Upholstered footrest
  • Mahogany wood base
  • Plush Arms


  • Firm chairs
  • The footrest is not retractable

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Final words

For choosing the Top Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Footrests, it is crucial to assure that you are in a healthy sitting position whenever you work in the office for prolonged periods.

These office chairs will make your work convenient and altogether avoid back and neck problems. Reclining office chairs have various brands and styles, but the best ones parade ergonomic styling at an affordable price.

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